Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just having some fun.

So I'm just having fun, playing around, watching the "hinternets"...lol and other random stuff. I like to be random, even though my randomness always leads to some organized thought.

I think I need to have some more fun, you know like explore this big country called America. I love to travel, but d problem say na money kill am. I go generally waka commot for dis country sha. I feel for my heart say na international ministry na im I get... But we go generally see. Hope say una dey well oh... As per say I dey love to waka, I also dey like take piksho, so I come fin d below quiz. I go also paste piksho wey I take for somewhere... Well, u don see am already and no be me take am. I love cars and I just like looking at them, driving them, owning them.. you get my drift. Well more on that later.

Adios!!! Hunger dey catch me, and I dey try make decision between beans (applied beans na, you know how we do, with correct fish and ripe plantain) or cereal. Methinks I'll take the cereal, Its been a while since I got the crunch of my almond cereal. Oh well, see una later.

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Jerry Uelsmann: Known for multiple imagery and surrealism

"I think of my photographs as being obviously symbolic, but not symbolically obvious.”

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