Thursday, September 20, 2007

Depression and the female cycle

I wonder how these two are related. It seems that every couple of weeks, I get very emotional and I cry a lot about a lot of things. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder... Well this last time it seems more things than that made me upset. Some classes have been weirdly frustrating... In fact I just need to get a stress ball. I have no idea if it wouldn't exacerbate the 'Carpal-tunnel-like' symptoms I've been having in my right hand... Anyways.... I'll be back with an update. New things are definitely beginning over here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So this thing works?

I'm happy to say that I can now blog from my phone. So I didn't really need Lifeblog as I believed I did? Its all good. This means that this show can continue when I'm on the road.

As a random aside I'm feeling very emotional. I don't know why but its horrible. My classmates already complain that I don't smile, then to join with moodiness.... I dislike this thing sha. Hopefully i won't use food to make me feel better.

Why now?

Why is it that it is when I don't want to talk to people that they want to talk to me? I have this thing where I withdraw from things and people when I'm not gelling with them, or when I'm generally unhappy about what they are or are not doing.... Is that bad? Na you know.

Sha, na so e be... Seasons come, seasons go.... My season now na? Hmmm... Even me sef no know. But who no know go know, wen time don come, go know.