Thursday, December 27, 2007

How much did I travel, you ask?

Hmmm, lets see. I only went to Atlanta, and Houston this year so thats not very exciting I guess. But frankly I don't often think of it: in my mind I've been to a lot more places than I've ever been physically, and soon enough, my body will visit there as well. :D

In all geekiness

So I've recently taken to purchasing tech gifts for myself; Well it's not that recent, but they're there nonetheless. And I must say that I'm absolutely enjoying them. I've just become a tablet fan and I hope the next semester justifies my going broke to get one. Here's my newest baby now.
Ahhh, sweet freedom. I actually think that I'm going to miss writing in books, I won't miss their weight in my backpack certainly, but it'll be so different. I wonder if it won't be too much to have though? Baah! We'll have to see then. I love inking! It is absolutely fab, rad, and totally feels good. Now I feel that all computers need to be at least pen-based. Its just so much more functional.