Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday's Food Pic


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Food Pics . . .

Answers to tag... Finally...:)

I forgot one "spectacular thing" ;)... I like to take pictures of food. Well i take pictures of a lot of things, but I love my food pics.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey! You all MUST join me for a smoke!

This was sooo not fair. So four of us piled into your car to go have lunch and you decided that you must have a smoke. I mean, you're mad cool and all, but seriously, you're the only one amongst us who smokes.

Was it paining you to wind down your window fully and let the cigarette smoke waft away completely? You just had to have 90% of the 2nd hand smoke come back into the car and fill our lungs completely; maybe to tell us what we're missing. I can still feel the disastrous taste in the back of my throat from all that forced inhalation. My head soo hurts and my eyes are ringing from staying in this position for almost 20 minutes. What will I tell anyone who comes across me and smells the cigarette smoke that now fills my hair and clothes? That I don't smoke? That that burning/burnt smell is really my Pleasures perfume? "Yeah, right" they'll say, "she thinks our noses have gone on summer vacation with her ability to be honest."

Oh goodness...I'm so tired. And even when I started coughing it didn't occur to you that you should stop. AND you made us endure this all over again back from lunch.... Meeen I should have gone home to eat like I normally do.

Moral of this short story is:- Don't ride with a smoker in their car!