Thursday, December 27, 2007

How much did I travel, you ask?

Hmmm, lets see. I only went to Atlanta, and Houston this year so thats not very exciting I guess. But frankly I don't often think of it: in my mind I've been to a lot more places than I've ever been physically, and soon enough, my body will visit there as well. :D

In all geekiness

So I've recently taken to purchasing tech gifts for myself; Well it's not that recent, but they're there nonetheless. And I must say that I'm absolutely enjoying them. I've just become a tablet fan and I hope the next semester justifies my going broke to get one. Here's my newest baby now.
Ahhh, sweet freedom. I actually think that I'm going to miss writing in books, I won't miss their weight in my backpack certainly, but it'll be so different. I wonder if it won't be too much to have though? Baah! We'll have to see then. I love inking! It is absolutely fab, rad, and totally feels good. Now I feel that all computers need to be at least pen-based. Its just so much more functional.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

All things tech

So I love tech things, right... And it seems that there's so much more that could be done to get things flowing and integrated.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Depression and the female cycle

I wonder how these two are related. It seems that every couple of weeks, I get very emotional and I cry a lot about a lot of things. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder... Well this last time it seems more things than that made me upset. Some classes have been weirdly frustrating... In fact I just need to get a stress ball. I have no idea if it wouldn't exacerbate the 'Carpal-tunnel-like' symptoms I've been having in my right hand... Anyways.... I'll be back with an update. New things are definitely beginning over here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So this thing works?

I'm happy to say that I can now blog from my phone. So I didn't really need Lifeblog as I believed I did? Its all good. This means that this show can continue when I'm on the road.

As a random aside I'm feeling very emotional. I don't know why but its horrible. My classmates already complain that I don't smile, then to join with moodiness.... I dislike this thing sha. Hopefully i won't use food to make me feel better.

Why now?

Why is it that it is when I don't want to talk to people that they want to talk to me? I have this thing where I withdraw from things and people when I'm not gelling with them, or when I'm generally unhappy about what they are or are not doing.... Is that bad? Na you know.

Sha, na so e be... Seasons come, seasons go.... My season now na? Hmmm... Even me sef no know. But who no know go know, wen time don come, go know.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just having some fun.

So I'm just having fun, playing around, watching the "hinternets" and other random stuff. I like to be random, even though my randomness always leads to some organized thought.

I think I need to have some more fun, you know like explore this big country called America. I love to travel, but d problem say na money kill am. I go generally waka commot for dis country sha. I feel for my heart say na international ministry na im I get... But we go generally see. Hope say una dey well oh... As per say I dey love to waka, I also dey like take piksho, so I come fin d below quiz. I go also paste piksho wey I take for somewhere... Well, u don see am already and no be me take am. I love cars and I just like looking at them, driving them, owning them.. you get my drift. Well more on that later.

Adios!!! Hunger dey catch me, and I dey try make decision between beans (applied beans na, you know how we do, with correct fish and ripe plantain) or cereal. Methinks I'll take the cereal, Its been a while since I got the crunch of my almond cereal. Oh well, see una later.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

So I've found

So I've found that I'm very giving, direct, straightforward, no BS (excuse my bad language) and so on and so forth. Because of this seeming wrong I've walked into hurtful situations. I've also noticed that I'm pretty laconic when presenting my thoughts on paper. That's for another day anyway.

My head just gets so twisted up when I meet people who say things but don't mean them, or are just plain mean. And this coming from the highly suspicious, extremely observant one who hardly believes anyone (at least I tell myself that but I really don't). I wonder why, why am I the one to jam these people on the way to their messing up someone else's day, week, year, life? Why me, who is just sweet, knows what she wants, is loving, I mean I'll go out of my way for someone I love. But its thrown in my face like a pack of soggy cards, like some day-old quaker oats (which I detest by the way, if its not garri, it cannot be garri, but that's for yet another day).

How the hell do I get out of this? How for goodness sake can I keep my heart under wraps and not care about anyone else? How do I erase this "nature" from my moral fiber and say "forget the rest of the world?" HOW?????? Tears even fail me at this point. Have you ever felt the need to hold onto yourself and you see yourself slipping into nothingness? Try moving away from home.

I went off on a tangent there but maybe I need to do this more often. Ranting from time to time helps things get clearer, and develop a plan of action....yeah right, my inner "whutevuh" sneers at me.

Oh well, as usual I'm not finishing this up. I prefer to do it in my brain, or if a deadline is staring me in the face. Yeah I love that adrenaline rush, and the consequent feeling of satisfaction. Us over-achiever types thrive on that kind of lifestyle. Oh well, Adios.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Missed it!

So I didn't go to the Life group meeting. I missed it by a long shot because we had an extremely busy day in the office. I was watching the minutes slip by, and also watching my chance to leave early slip away. Sad, but necessary. So another two weeks till the next one. Lets see.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

End of year, beginning of summer

Well a lot has happened this past semester, and I walked away from some things which weren't doing me any good. It made me feel lighter and in a couple of ways a bit more matured. I hope to get back to my old footing in my faith, rather than this lackadaisical, haphazard walk I've been doing. Sha, sha, its all good. God dey.

Now I need to concentrate on work, my diet, and improving myself. I'll also try to come to this blog more often...ket y'all in on the gist of things and generally unload stuff from my emotions. Congrats to me, I hope to get a tv this summer. Maybe that'll take some boredom out of my life. I'm also making a commitment to join a life group. Our next meeting (my first) is next Tuesday. Well, we'll see how that goes.

Friday, January 12, 2007

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