Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its morning!

Its morning-1 Its morning-2


ynot! said...

if u wr an actor/actress, m sure ur favorite genre wld be SUSPENSE.
simple question, explain ur template, and 2 posts later u'r still stretchn our longa-throat.
continue...u hear? continue.

BTW, d wellington bassey thingy... whts up widdat?

b safe now.

Beyond said...

thanks for dropping by my blog......really appreciate it. dear ...i pray God help you do all that you 've set out to do....remember, life is short so enjoy while it last.

Afrobabe said...

yep...d#learning it is one thing, doing it is yet another...I just got me a cain to aid I pemitted to beat you into doing them??? lol

NaijaScorpio said...

That's the spirit missy!

isha said...

That's good to hear! I'm happy you feel a lot better about yourself now. Making a list of steps to take is always a plus. You should look forward to those changes too, and make the best out of them!
Have fun. Peace to you too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how Nigerians like to compare people to each other, and it's easy to get swept up in all of that and start doing it too. I always compare myself to what others my age have done and are doing; funny enough I never say "well at least I've done more or better than that person"; I'm always looking to the people who have surpassed me.

Good for you, taking the year to do what YOU want to do! Enjoy it and don't let anyone's opinions prevent you from doing what you want to do.

I won't say the opinions of those close to you don't matter because we all know they do...not everyone is able to be so blasé about other people's feelings and stuff.

LG said...

@'insert usual naija celebration here'
lolllllll u r so rite
glad, u r sound berra luv.

O'Dee said...

D gossip in d Christian community is huge.
I try as much as possible 2 keep my business out of the church.

Aspa learning 2 use makeup, u can buy d book, Beauty of colour by Iman. Its really good n not expensive.

B strong.

Black Man Comes said...

I like this idea. You scanned ur hand written note i blogged it. I will "steal" this idea from you. i have lotsa handwritten stuff i havent typed and at this rate i will not. hope it is not a patented idea?

Black Man Comes said...

Big ups on handling ur business though


This was nice to read. I like the confidence you have in yourself, my sista. We cannot allow others ideas to limit our aspirations. With God by your side, you will accomplish plenty in your lifetime.

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Now that you've blogged about living your life and being you not anyone else, you realize we'll hold you acountable to it right??

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

I am happy you have decided to do new things. I made that vow last year, and Im glad you did. Playing with make-up should be fun! If your stuck or need pointers, I recommend Iman's book. It's usually at Borders or Half.Com for $5. Plus the demo's at MAC always help!
Please ignore everyone making demands of you, and focus on only the demands you make of yourself. I learned the hard way that people will never be satisfied. Last christmas when I went to 9ja I reachd my breaking point. I went through so much trouble trying to gt every one this and that because they were all blowing up my phone. After spending $$$$ that I barely had, people were like "is this all" and "why didnt you get...". It was a wrap after that. Something small like that taught me a big lesson.
Do life @ your own pace-you are always enough.
Stay fly.

Jotees Trendz said...

okay...dint' get to read it all...just had to comment on the posting concept. love it!

Natures Gentle Touch said...

Life is a journey and an experience. Those who decide to enjoy it really do. Those who worry about what others think lways live in someones shadow or thoughts.

Sometimes you have to realise and accept that you are the star in your own movie(life),you are the script writer and director,you and only you control the odds. If someone says you cant do it and you agree then you cant. You can only feel insulted or slowed down if you decide to yourself. Nobody ever knows what anyone really thinkseven if they swaer by what they are saying. Believe in who you are and what you believe in.

If Bill Gates felt Harvard was important he would not be one of the richest men in the world. The only opinoin that matters is yours.


Jennifer A. said...

Awwww...I really loved the lessons you learnt (at the end of this post).

Ooooohhhh...look at you girrrrrrrllll, someone is gonna be looking DASHING with some make-up on!!!

Its funny that gossip is MORE in the places you least expect it...but when you strengthen yourself in God like David did (when everyone was against him)'ll find out that u've got absolutely nothing to worry about jare!

Again, I 'gbadun' ur hand-writings!

archiwiz said...

ynot!...LOL, sorry oh...@ d wellington bassey thingy...I just wanted to know if you knew one place like dat.

beyond Thanks for coming here too. Yeah...I'm trying to enjoy my life ohh...Its necessary.

Afrobabe I've already done those things I mentioned...Who needs a cane now...^_^

sting Yeah baby!

Isha I tend to internalize things until I've achieved what I want to...And you can see those things because I have. :)

GNG For real girl, that's how we were trained I guess. And yes, its for me...from God to me, and me to the future.

lg Ah be so?

OluwadeeI'll look into that book. But I had already bought a set of new stuff before this...Oh well...

black man comes Ahh that would be too much stress. Read my next post.

SSD Thank you. You knw, your acronym means Solid State Drive in the geek world. :)

abbie LOL...hold me ohh...Pics shall show.

archiwiz said...

NDQMmmm...girl I hear you. Ok you're the 2nd person recommending the book. Nope, no more demands accepted here. I should make that a bumper sticker.

Joteez...Thanks. I hope you'll get a tablet too.

NGT...Indeed. Good talk.

Jaycee...Awww, thank you.

Buttercup said...

good stuff..