Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday evening


Whew! Just got back from a 2 1 /2

mile broke ride. It wasn't so bad,

considering that I haven't ridden in months.

The only problem was that it's set oft the

allergies. Hope the Claritin clears things

and doesn't make me drowsy.

Well, the FE is tomorrow. 8 hours

for an exam ... Hmm, the plight of

engineers. We shall sha prevail. Ok! I

need to go shower and hop into bed and

rest for the big day tomorrow. I'll let you

know if any juicy details come forth

from there but don't expect it tomorrow;

as I might just take the rest of the

evening afterwards to sleep or contemplate

on my life. Either way, please pray for my

success, a clear, steady mind, speed and

accuracy. Amen, Thank you, and Goodnight!


Edirin said...

my sister i pray for you oh, wish you allt he best.

take it nice and slow, and come out with flying coloures.

enjoy ure weekend and i need everything juicy that happens lool

NaijaScorpio said...

U r so lucky u are not my brother, i for don tease u die. But i just have to say this, ur handwriting needs help seriously. No vex, but na true. It makes me smile whenever i see it cos it reminds me of my brother.

Good luck on ur exam.

O'Dee said...

Hope ur exams went well?

archiwiz said...

@ Fresh... Thank you oh. Don't worry, when the juicy occurs you'll hear of it.

@ sting... Thank you. Wetin I do you now? My handwriting is not that bad in my eye :p. You know what, I might try something different for you. And yeah, people say I write like my brother... Stereotyping in writing places. Hmm...

@ Oluwadee... I don't want to be negative, but...ahhh, I don't think I can rest from this yet.

tobenna said...

I like your hand written font.
Hurry up and join us in this engineering business.
Girls like you, I have a fondness for :)

TigerTem said...

Love the Post-It style of your blog. Great idea. Thanks for visiting mine.

Flourishing Florida said...

now i understand why most bloggers type their posts. if now, e go hard well well 2 make out wot pple r yarning abt