Wednesday, April 2, 2008



Anonymous said...

i wanna learn how to do the writing thing... pleaseeeeeeee teach me.. if its really complicated.. my email is plzzzzzzzzzz its soo cute.. and cool.. and i wanna start a sort of exercise log.. i dont know that one can create tables on blogger so this would suit my purposes perfectly

Edirin said...

i see the post was looking juicy, damn, why is windows live writer doing this to us, u sef, laziness of typing.

what the hell are dogs doing on the campus, has it reach that stage

which sort of stupid girl, tear her slap jare, what nonsence,lol,im joking

SpaceMonky said...

WLW kept doing that to me too... I finally just gave up on it and switched to bloggink the old fashioned way (i.e. uploading screenshots of entries written in other apps). It takes a little longer, but it sure is nice not to have the program crash on me anymore.

[btw - here via Sumocat]

archiwiz said...

@overwhelmed: Its the type of computer I'm using...check out my January's posts.

@fresh: Ah ah! After using up sweat-almost-turned blood to buy this tablet, why will I go back to typing? You see my previous problem with posting was that I wanted everything to be perfect, so but now it doesn't have to be.

@spacemonkey: Hiiiii fellow inkrrrrr...:) I think I'll take your suggestion. It appears the ink blogger app can only take a certain number of characters.

Zayzee said...

slap her jare

princesa said...

lol@ louder than oshodi and CMs bustops! Can someone really be louder than those two crazy places??lol!

I love the way you do ur posts as in the graphic writing thingy... Nice.

...and u said i looled like a cross btw Omotola and some other babe(Ada), i ope say na compliment o!lol!

princesa said...

Lol @ louder than CMS and Oshodi bustops!
I like the graphic posts. Really cool. What type of computer are you using?

Tinu said...

lmaoo' the nigerian has slapped' hehehee

Parakeet said...

I hate anything windows live...too slow...too frustrating!

archiwiz said...

lol@ uzezi... It just seems that what I'm avoiding is running after me.

@princesa... For real oh. You need to hear her. Your ears may not recover from it. And indeed it was a compliment.

@tintin... Thanks for stopping by.

@ollay... Oh its not so bad. Microsoft needs some fanboys, or fangirls of their own.