Wednesday, November 1, 2006

On the plane crash of 10/29/06 in Nigeria

On this sad issue, I raise a few questions that run through the videos below.

  1. Why do we not learn from our mistakes of the past?
  2. Is it a conspiracy?
  3. Following #2, will there be more as the elections near?
  4. Can't corruption be completely hauled and tossed out the window in Nigeria?
  5. Are the methods and results of the "immediately ordered" investigation going to be the same as the results of other reports and investigations tendered to Mr. President? Null and void?
  6. Will the President, Senate, and House of Reps be ready to pass the needed laws ensuring that aircrafts which fly in Nigeria are 5 years old or less?

Too many questions arise.... But are we all willing to do what it takes to right the wrong?

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