Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hectic week

I feel even worse than when I started. Can you imagine, I was just ready to publish today's blog and clicked on the spell checker, and all I had typed just hoo....
Anyway, all is not lost: my fingers still exist. :)

Midterms are officially over, but I fear that I did right badly. I just can't find the zest to do my work like earlier in the semester. That means time for a change in strategy. My midterm grades were far less than what I expected. They're not bad in themselves, but to have a 4.0 I need to get all A's right? Right; so I'll go ahead and restrategize and come up with a more effective plan to conquer the courses... Starting with a new timetable...boring but necessary.

Till I see you again. Most likely after the homecoming parade, which is on Saturday. The town is already getting full of people.

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