Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Words from my father

 Words from my father
This will be a new series I'm recording on this blog. I realized that too often, my Dad tells me very wise things, which I often type into my phone, but somehow lose later on. The importance of words from our elders cannot be lost to faint memories, so I've decided to put them here for posterity.
"Relatives can be the greatest source of discomfort in a person's life. So construct a formula, or mindset, to deal with the person. Close relatives especially, often say negative things which can hurt you deeply, but don't take the negative words to heart. When it comes to telling them what you want to or have to do - be jovial, be purposeful, but stand your ground. In spite of the pain, learn from Daddy's example. Appreciate God for what you have, and don't get upset."

So there it is. I know it may be difficult to understand the blog without knowing the context of the conversation, but imagine that you’re in conflict with a close relative when you read these words, and they’ll start to make sense.
Until next time.

God bless


isha said...

I've missed your handwritten posts.

archiwiz said...

I've been so busy isha. But I've missed it too, and will get back to it eventually.