Friday, May 30, 2008

The straw that's breaking my back

I just want to go home. I can't seem to hold back my tears so I'm practically hiding in an unfinished trailer trying to get my mind and body back in sync. And I'm wondering, 'Is this the way I'll act whenever something I perceive as a crisis occurs?' I hope not because that would probably mean a lot more tears for me.

This is the issue - I am broke. I've been without money since the beginning of May, and from what I've been told today, I'll be without money till the end of the first week in June. Come on somebody, I'm a freaking student for crying out loud who moved joyfully and happily to be a part of this great construction project. And now for me to be paid is proving difficult? Give me a break! I have spent $2030 moving and settling in while also taking care of bills in my old apartment, which I tried getting subleased but thats another story. So right now my account is in the red; I have no milk, so I've been eating vegetables for breakfast for a week (those are gone by the way), I'll have no drinking water by Sunday, my bathwash might also be finished by then, tissue paper will definitely be gone later today, and I already walk to work so the gas is left for rainy days; Church is out of the question cos its 9.5 miles away, so how am I going to survive? I'm just tired, tired, tired, and hungry.

Well, thats been good: at least I'm not crying anymore, so I can go back to work. I rebuke any and every resentment and self-pity right now in Jesus name. After all, I still have life, and health.


NaijaScorpio said...

Wow! That's bloody. Is there no one you can talk to that would make sure u get ur money sooner? After all if you are working u should be getting paid. Eya pele, just hang in there.

134ElitZ Magazine said...

eyaa..i emphatize with you o..notice i didnt say i sympatize? cuz its same situation downhere buh you know what, u'll be fine! cheeers!

Anonymous said...

babes sorry you are going throught all that!i feel you o plenty

Anonymous said...

Hey, how is this coming along.