Thursday, March 6, 2008

Airport Wahala!


Bradtastic said...

Have you thought about adding text-transcriptions to the blog for search-engines and SEO? Or is that not important to you? Thanks for finding me!

I Blogrolled you. Like the style and the attempt; the more inkers there are, the greater the possibility for mainstreaming and higher-quality apps to be put out by "majors" instead of mere "enthusiasts." Not so say that some of those apps aren't great, but it'd be nice to inkblog on my Mac--WACOM should really help pay for the tech, I'd buy a Cintiq right-away, Axiotron-too! I'd give consideration to the ModBook if there was an "actual reason" to get one.

Edirin said...

this your blog fine, no b small. nah so these airport them b, me i no dey even bother myself, becoz the thing no worth the money.

make i go read some more post, i liek this your blog wel well

Afronuts said...

Hi Archiwiz!

Saw your comment on my blog.
Wow! Its been a while since xanga. Long time no

Boy1 U're making me go green with envy with this ya tablet!

Saw ur pic on the Gottabemobile
Is that really you? Goodness, dint know u was that cute.

okay...Im kinda stuck as to how to add u to my blog page...newbie syndrome.

U know how?

archiwiz said...

@ bradtastic... Actually I haven't. I guess it'll make the blog easier to find. I guess I should think about it, rather than expect google to suddenly write some code to read ink like in OneNote.

Thanks for the blogroll. I'll do the same. I think the one thing that stopped me from getting an iMac was the fact that I found a tablet instead. Now if Apple came up with a real iBook (as in Apple tablet) I'm sure the industry will be completely turned over. The Modbook has been too elusive so I'll keep watching.

archiwiz said...

@ fresh and fab...Thank you ohh... dis big America sef no go get free internet for airport where dem wan come get am...and tank you 4 liking mai blog ohh, I too laik technology na im d blog be as e be.

@ afronuts...he he he... you should get a tablet too. I think you'll find that it'll change a whole lot about the way you write.


lol! This was too funny. And I will keep Rob's family and others like it in prayers.


Hephzibah said...

wetin u an d 1st person dey yarn? Me i no understand grammar oh! dat one too mush tecknologi!

Abeg, yarn beta, i gbadun this kain our language jere, yeye airport peolple, no mind i dey use am go oh! no be my money, na client money so I just dey use wifi wheder e free or e no free but as we all know, person's money sweet to use no?

Take care!


lol @ naijachic